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Viji Conference App
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Features and Benefits

Viji will transform every kind of speaking event. This new feedback, commenting and personal development mobile app makes it possible for all attendees in a business meeting, classroom, conference or meet-up to be full participants.


Audience members express sentiments discreetly.


Listeners request to comment through a mobile web app. Speakers or moderators prioritize and queue the commentators.

Questions Queue

Speakers or moderators accept audience questions and order them by popularity.


The speaker engages the audience by taking polls nad publishing slides. The audience engages the speaker by reacting and providing questions and commentary.


Event organizers know which participants had questions. They connect with interested participants after the event.

Slide Sharing

Speakers share their presentation slides directly with the audience via mobile devices.

  • Testimonial
    Audience Participant, Learn More

    Listening to a speaker at a conference with a large audience usually doesn't provide many opportunities to make comments or express my reaction to what's being said. But Viji lets me do all that, even as far as signaling the speaker 'I agree,' 'I disagree,' 'Please move on to the next topic,' or 'This is interesting. Tell me more.'

  • Testimonial
    Speaker, Learn More

    Knowing which parts of my talk is understood and which causes confusion allows me to adjust my speech to the needs of each audience.

  • Testimonial
    Event Moderator, Learn More

    I can organize questions and comments from the audience based on which are relevant and interesting. I can prioritize which participants get to use the microphone. There is no longer the risk of Mr. Cranky or Mrs. Befuddled getting up to squat on the microphone. With Viji, I can be sure that questions to be asked will be relevant to the event.

  • Testimonial
    Event Organizer, Learn More

    At the end of an event, most of the audience just gets up and leaves. With Viji, I know which participants were engaged and interested in learning more. I can focus my time in following up with the right people.

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Join the Viji Beta! Viji is a startup that is developing a new way for listeners and speakers to connect and communicate during live events such as conferences. Contact us to learn more.

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